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Party Walls: What options does an Adjoining Owner have?

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 states that, should a Building Owner wish to carry out any modifications to their home that affects a shared wall, they need to follow a specific procedure to protect their interests and those of the affected Adjoining Owner.

In a best-case scenario, the Building Owner has taken the time […]

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Loft Conversions and Party Walls – what are the rules?

If you’re planning a loft conversion in a terraced or semi-detached home, it’s likely that your plans will affect a party wall. Any structural work to this shared wall (or shared walls) will require specific permissions from your neighbours in addition to the usual planning permission and building regulations.
Why does a loft conversion require […]

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Five Commonly-Asked Questions about Party Wall Issues

London’s high-density housing means that party wall issues are commonplace in the capital. Our team at Squarepoint Chartered Surveyors has a lot of experience working with clients to provide advice, carry out schedules of condition and draw up party wall awards so that any alterations to a shared wall can be conducted amicably. At […]

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Do I need to Hire a Project Manager?

We’re happy to acknowledge that, when working with clients planning a new development, we hear this question a lot. Between wanting to keep costs down and feeling like they already have the required knowledge to keep their project management in-house, it’s not unusual for those leading (or bankrolling) a project to be a bit […]

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Do I need a survey if I have had a mortgage valuation?

Only 1 in 5 buyers chooses to have a survey on their new home, with the other 80% presumably deciding that a green light following a mortgage valuation is sufficient. Unfortunately, what the majority of buyers may not realise is that confusing a valuation with a survey is leaving them extremely vulnerable to hidden […]

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What happens when you are served a Party Wall Notice?

If your adjoining neighbour is proposing a building project that affects the regulations pertaining to the Party Wall Act 1996, he must make sure that you are served the correct Party Wall Notice before the works can begin. This is to ensure that all building works are carried our safely, correctly and without the […]

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